The vineyards

Patrimony is not only a question of manmade buildings. Food is a very important deal for the people of Aveyron and there are a lot of local specialties that are worth trying!

Amongst the several DPO we can fin in Aveyron, there is one which goes really well with all the dishes and specialties of our region : the wine of Marcillac.

The vineyards are spread on a territory of 200 ha., on the sides of the hill which gives the vineyards an optimal exposition to the sun rays. It also gives the visitors some magnificent landscapes on this part of Aveyron, where Men succeeded to take the best of this soil which was considered as not easy to exploit. This work nowadays give us a breath-taking scenery.

Located in a place where the oceanic, the Mediterranean and the continental climates meet each others, it is the perfect location for Carmenets vine variety, called “Mansois” (also known as “Fer Servadous”). It is used for the Marcillac wine in a proportion of 90% minimum. That gives him such a particular taste which makes him unique amongst the french wines.

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