The Crypta of Auzits

From the Medieval Times to the Renaissance, the Rignac countryside has a lot of architectural masterpieces to offer !

crypte Auzits


In the Pays Rignacois, there is a secret place. Out of sight, under the church of Saint Maurice d'AUZITS is an 11th century crypt. There are only two in the whole department. Originally, it was erected inside a fortified castle! In recent years, local artists or from elsewhere, artisans, resident artists of the CouveNT, village associations, volunteers ... keep the site alive by offering exhibitions, one-off or long-term cultural events, visits, day and night walks on the surrounding Romanesque paths, night markets ...

New in 2020, travelers on the roads of our territory can visit the site freely and independently. For this, two documents are made available to everyone on the entrance door of the crypt. A written document walks you around the church. In broad outline, it details the architectural evolution of the place and tells 1000 years of the life of the village. A second document filled with photos transports you to the crypt for a virtual visit of the place.

Today, for health reasons the doors remain closed! Finally, to come and spend a moment on the rocky outcrop which hosts the church and its crypt, is to let your gaze and your mind get lost in all the Rignacois Country and even well beyond ... A breathtaking moment guaranteed! Be curious! Come and enjoy the scenery!