The blacksmith workshop and ancient trades museum of Belcastel

Visits and museums: With a peculiar mix between tradition and modernity, the cultural sites and museums of the Rignac countryside will show you the rural life of yesterday and today!

The village of Belcastel has always been eager to highlight its heritage. While everybody associates the idea of « heritage » with old stones and buildings, Belcastel does not forget that this term can also relate to knowledge and skills of former generations.

This museum has been created in order to transmit to the younger ones and our visitors a little piece of our local history. It reminds us that, not so long ago, a lot of craftsmen like the blacksmith, the shoe maker or the fisherman were parts of daily life.

In the former blacksmith workshop and through this exhibition laid on three floors, the visitors can discover the tools and the work from other times. It is an opportunity to (re)discover a certain way-of-life that belongs to the past.