The Ethno-botanical Path

Beautiful landscapes and hidden treasures from mother nature are awaiting for your visit

In southern Rignac, the Museum of Chestnut Tree and the site of Mirabel are linked by a nine kilometers path : the Ethno-botanist Path in Segala « Al Travers ». All along the way where informative panels are displayed, you will discover the landscapes that have been shaped by men as well as by Nature.

The visit lasts for about three to five hours (depending on how fast you walk).

You will enjoy beautiful sceneries over of the Aveyron valley, with its precipitous landscape. The path can be quite steep, that's why we do not recommend it for strollers and bikes.

This site is the proof that Man and Nature can co-exist. It gives us a few elements to think about our relationship with our environment.

The Ethno-Botanical Path is also a nice testimony of History in this area: past, present and future.