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Ideas combining hikes and local heritage!


In the morning, departure from Rignac on foot by the medieval path that joins Belcastel.

In the late morning (about 2 hours and a half walk), arrival at Belcastel "One of the Most Beautiful Villages of France". You have the possibility to visit the house of the forge and the old trades. To make this visit, you must go to the Tourist Office, Belcastel office.

Possibility to picnic on the banks of the Aveyron or to have dinner in the restaurant.

From 2pm you can go to the Tourist Office to make the audio-guided tour of the village if you wish.

After discovering the secrets of Belcastel, you can now go to the castle to deepen your visit and discover the art gallery.

Then you can return to Rignac, count about 2h30min of walking.


In the morning, departure from Rignac on foot by the Renaissance path that joins Bournazel (about 3 hours of walking).

At noon, you can have your meal at the restaurant.

In July and August every day except Tuesday, from 2PM, you have the opportunity to visit the castle of Bournazel and make the visit by audio-guide of the village.

At the end of your visit, you can return to Rignac (about 3 hours walk).


In the morning, take your car to go to the Croix-Blanche and park in the car park of the Conservatoire du Châtaignier (about 5/10 min by car)

Start your tour of the ethno-botanical trail with signs along the trail.

At noon, you have the opportunity to picnic in Mirabel, a small hamlet of Rignac.

Continuing the path, you will pass near the Farm Tessi, you can plan a snack at the farm by booking in advance.


In the morning, you can go to Goutrens and park in the car park of the church to take the hike of the guidebook "Au Pays Rignac-Montbazens" entitled: "In the footsteps of Georges Rouquier".

Halfway (about 2h30 walk) you can picnic to the point of view of the Borie in front of Cassagnes-Comtaux, picturesque hamlet of Goutrens.

Then you can continue your visit to the Domaine du Cros.

Continue through Cassagnes-Comtaux then return to Goutrens and its museum Espace Rouquier Georges to know everything about "the craftsman of cinema".

Discover the "most beautiful villages of France" of the region!

Sunday: Visit of Belcastel, the village and its history with the audio-guides, the museum of the Forge and the old trades and finally its castle, rebuilt by the famous architect Fernand Pouillon.

Monday: In the morning, discovery of Peyrusse-le-Roc and the afternoon visit of Bournazel and its castle, considered as one of the most beautiful castles of the French Renaissance in the South of France.

Tuesday: In the morning take your time at the Rignac market, go to the Tourist Office and visit the exhibition of the cultural space, then walk peacefully in the Maymac wetland. In the afternoon, head to the Chestnut Conservatory at the Croix Blanche and explore the ethno-botanical trail in Ségala.

Wednesday: In the morning, cross the magnificent Vallon de Marcillac to go to Conques, on the paths of Saint Jacques de Compostela. On your way back, do not forget to stop on the way to visit the Espace Georges Rouquier, the Cros winery and "our countryside in the past" at La Palairie.

Thursday: Leave in the direction of Villefranche-de-Rouergue and stop at its market, then continue your visit to Najac "One of the Most Beautiful Villages of France". On your return, make a detour to Villeneuve.

Friday: In the morning, head towards Ségala to discover Sauveterre-de-Rouergue. From July 15 to August 15, remember to go back on the Pays Rignacois to visit Auzits and its crypt. Finally, in the evening, enjoy local products at the Belcastel night market from 7pm in July and August.

It's raining, I take the opportunity to discover the castles and museums of the region!

Sunday: Visit the village of Belcastel, its museum "the House of the Forge and old trades" and its castle with its art gallery.

Monday: In the morning, go to the tourist office and visit the exhibition at the cultural space. From 2 PM, visit the village and castle of Bournazel.

Tuesday: In the morning, do your shopping at the Rignac market, then go to Rodez not to miss the museum Soulages, Fenaille and Denys Puech and guided tours of the tourist office.

Wednesday: In the morning, visit of Conques, the abbey with its windows of Pierre Soulages and its treasure. In the afternoon, visit Espace Georges Rouquier in Goutrens, the Cros vineyard just a stone's throw away, and treat yourself to a break from Cassagnes-Comtaux's point of view. Not far from there, "Our campaigns formerly" at the Palairie is open from June 15 to September 15 every day from 2PM to 7PM.

Thursday: In the morning, visit Villefranche-de-Rouergue and its market. In the afternoon, visit Najac and its fortress and / or the Maison de la photo in Villeneuve.

Friday: In the morning, visit the town of Figeac and its Museum Champollion, or Decazeville and its museums, or Cransac, its baths and museums. In the afternoon, continue with the visit of the mine museum in Aubin and at 4 pm from 15/07 to 15/08, visit to the crypt of Auzits. At 7PM, do not forget the night market in Belcastel (in July and August).

Ideas for fun activities to do with children!


Sunday: In Bournazel, from 10:30AM to 12AM every day except Monday, preferably by reservation, you can go on a horse drawn carriage ride around the village of Bournazel from May to October. Picnic room available or meal at the restaurant. From 2PM, go to the castle of Bournazel for a visit of the castle and the gardens and the village thanks to the treasure hunt of the Pays Rignacois Tourist Office, available at the Bournazel information office in July and August and the office of Rignac all year.

Monday: In the morning, discover the treasure hunt of the village of Belcastel and visit the castle with its armor exhibitions. In the afternoon, treat yourself to a pony ride either at the equestrian center of Rignac "el rio" or at the Domaine du Bruel in Goutrens.

Tuesday: In the morning, discover the scents of the market of Rignac, and escape by strolling in the wet zone of Maymac, after the health trail of the Park of La Peyrade. If it's hot, why not relax in the Rignac municipal pool located in the park? In the afternoon, discover Ségala Sauveterre-de-Rouergue "one of the most beautiful villages in France" then you have the opportunity to visit the animal park of Pradinas.

Wednesday: In the morning, discover Conques thanks to the game of the curious ones of the Office of Tourism Conques-Marcillac. Very close to this Grand Site of Occitanie, you can enjoy a guided tour of an ostrich farm in Sénergues. On your return to the Pays Rignacois, stop at "our campaigns in the past" in Goutrens to discover how our ancestors lived.

Thursday: In the morning, discover the market of Villefranche-de-Rouergue then, you can do Canoe-Kayak at the nautical base of Villefranche-de-Rouergue, which remains family, or the AAGAC base in Najac, more eventful. From 3PM to 4:30PM, possibility of making a curious visit of Villefranche-de-Rouergue.

Friday: In the morning, cross Rodez and go to Gages-le-Bas to enjoy the animal garden, animal park and amusement park.

In the afternoon discover the chestnut Conservatory at the Croix Blanche (Rignac) then you can either go to Mirabel on foot (15 minutes walk, shaded) or take the ethno-botanical trail in Ségala "Al travers" (9km , 5 hours with reading of the signs along the path). At 4PM, on reservation, why not discover the animals of the farm at Tessi's farm?