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Former chief town of the commune of Goutrens, formerly Cassagnes-de-Panadès (13th century) named after the castle of Panat which stands on a peak on the other side of the valley, above Clairvaux. Cassagnes is mentioned since the year 1000. The locality included three castles: the castelviel or castle of Comte, Saint-Félix above the village then that of Hebrard and Flars, at the bottom of the village (family Mancip, lord of Bournazel). These buildings were connected by an enclosure. Today it is a picturesque hamlet with a view of the vineyards of Marcillac which houses a chapel of the nineteenth century.

We advise you not far from there: Visit of the vineyard of the Cros, visit of the space Georges Rouquier with Goutrens and "our campaigns formerly" with the Palairie.

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Site de Cassagnes-Comtaux
12390 Goutrens

Site de Cassagnes-Comtaux
12390 Goutrens

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44° 26' 10" - 2° 24' 5"

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