From the Lot valley to the Decazeville-Aubin countryside

The Rignac Area is ideally located for visiting the Aveyron district as well as the nearby Tarn and Lot districts. Here are some of the sites we recommend.



15 km – 21 min from Rignac

After being known for its curative water during the first half of the nineteenth century (then known as Cransac-les-eaux), this city became famous for its mining activities which stopped in 1962 (renamed Cransac-les-mines). Today, Cransac is known for its thermal activities (Cransac-les-thermes). It is the only water cure station in Aveyron. The hot natural gas steam rooms make this place one of a kind in Europe. This is a place where you can cure Osteoarthritis and Rheumatism.



We advise you to also visit:

  • The museum of Cransac (about the mining and thermal history of the city)
  • La triangulaire de Cransac, a modern art work made to honor the history of Cransac.
  • The Vaysse Forest
  • The Thermal Park
  • The Cransac Casino




18km  - 24 min from Rignac

Aubin used to be a mine, but it is also known for its medieval fortress, which offers to the visitor a magnificent panoramic view over the valley. Erected on a rock peak by the Albin family, the village develops itself around it. This medieval old town blends itself with the remains of the industrial era. During the nineteenth century, the city became a mining city, as explained in the Lucien Mazars Museum.




We advise you :

  • The Lucien Mazars Museum
  • The Resistance, deportation and citizenship house




22 km – 32 min from Rignac

Industrial pole in a mainly agricultural region, Decazeville is a must-see if you are interested in industrial tourism. The city is only 180 years old (one of the youngest ones in Aveyron). It has been created by the Duke Decazes in order to exploit coal mines nearby and to settle the steel industry in the region.

Decazeville is also located on the pilgrim's road to Santiago de Compostella. The church Notre Dame may have the best kept secret in the region : 14 paintings from the nineteenth century painter Gustave Moreau. Those were designated as Historical Monument in 1965.


We advise you to visit:

  • The mining and industrial heritage museum
  • The Barry-Haut mill in Viviez





28 km - 43 min from Rignac

Flagnac is located in a meander of the Lot River, in northern Aveyron. Around the river, the tourist activity developed itself (water activities, fishing and recreational areas...), especially thanks to the cruise. This boat organises dining and discovery tours on the River Lot to see all its aspects: the fauna, the flora, the locks, the different key elements of the local heritage (like the Gironde Castle for example). « Terra d'Olt » in Saint Parthem, is a real scenography where visitors are invited to discover the way of life in the last century.

Another way to travel back to that time is to go to the show called « Hier, un village ». This show is one of the highlights of the summer. It tells the story of a traditional local village in a spectacular way, with lights, music and a lot of walk-on actors on stage. Certainly, one of the most amazing shows in the region.


We advise you:

  • to take a trip on the Terra d'Olt boat
  • to attend the « hier, un village » show
  • to visit the Terra d'Olt Museum
  • to visit the «double» village of Saint Santin and its scenery « Chez Pierre-Marie and Marie-Pierre »