Rignac Cultural Center

With a peculiar mix between tradition and modernity, the cultural sites and museums of the Rignac countryside will show you the rural life of yesterday and today !

espace culturel Rignac

For years now, the local institutions (a.k.a. Communauté de Communes du Pays Rignacois, which can be translated by Community of Cities of the Rignac Countryside) and the person in charge of the cultural policies decided, in a bold move, to help and develop the contemporary art creation.

We are in a rural area, the goal was to highlight and meditate about the place of art in this region. How can we develop the relation between the artist and the public? How should be displayed the work of those creators? The city of Rignac managed to welcome those artists in a place inside the city center : The Cultural Center.

Thanks to a great communication, the visitors (schools, retired people, tourists,...) can get a better understanding of modern art, appreciate the artistic point of view and the hard work behind it.


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