The Crypta of Auzits

From the Medieval Times to the Renaissance, the Rignac countryside has a lot of architectural masterpieces to offer !

crypte Auzits

In the Rignac countryside, there is a secret place. A place that cannot be seen from the surface. It is located below the Romanesque church of Auzits. We are talking about the eleventh century crypt of Auzits. 

There are only two of those in the Aveyron. It was built inside a fort, which was erected on the top of the hill. All the vaults lay on a central pillar and are decorated by Romanesque capitals with vegetal motives, typical of this artistic period 


Thanks to the work done by local associations, the Crypt reveales itself during summer. This site opens its doors for free visits and temporary art exhibitions. Do not miss this opportunity to discover it !