Belcastel, village et château

Belcastel EN, village et château

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Listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France (one of the greatest classifications in France for villages), Belcastel is one of the finest destinations of our department. Located in the banks of the river Aveyron , this thousand-years-old village managed to showcase its history and its heritage so well that it became one of the most beloved places of the region.

Belcastel is the witness of its own history which shaped the village throughout the centuries. Dominated by its eleventh century castle, restored with taste by Fernand Pouillon (a famous architect), the village invites you to travel through time, by taking the fifteenth century bridge which links the church (from the fifteenth century as well) to the village, its narrow streets (also called ''Calades'' ie coblestones), and so much more.

Belcastel is an experience which invites all of us to discover, to relax and to get away from the daily routine.

Clocher de l'église de Belcastel et vue sur le village et son château

Belcastel de nuit

Le village et son château

Le vieux pont

Chemin de croix de Casimir Ferrer

Les chaises du Seigneur

Le roc d'Anglars

Marché nocturne de Belcastel

Belcastel la nuit

Belcastel, son vieux pont et le château

L'église et le vieux pont

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Visite audio guidée de Belcastel

Visite audio guidée de Belcastel


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Village de Belcastel

Village de Belcastel


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